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A hauora aspiration realised

Tui Ora was founded 1 July 1998 after consultation iwi representative group Te Whare Pūnanga Kōrero. Eight original service providers united to form Aotearoa’s first Māori Development Organisation (MDO) — a not-for-profit dedicated to improving health outcomes for Taranaki whānau. The new organisation was named Tui Ora.

The new organisation grew rapidly under the guidance of CE Hayden Wano (Taranaki, Te Āti Awa, Ngāti Tama, Ngāti Awa). By 2002 Tui Ora had 26 providers and a turnover of $4.4 million. Early strategic mahi encouraged more collaboration between individual providers so that together we could better serve whānau.

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Our Journey

We welcome you
This Matakupenga story pattern draws our whānau to us. The net represents our manaakitanga. It unites our new brand with our new tohu and our previous logo. The pink palette - created by combining the red, white and black colours of our tohu - is nurturing and approachable, just like Tui Ora.
We’ll help you begin
Our Poutama story pattern symbolises reaching a goal via a series of manageable steps that build upon each other. This reflects both the Toka Te Manawa Ora journey that Tui Ora is on as an organisation, and the Whānau Hāpai Pathway we invite whānau to walk with us.
We’ll stay beside you
In the Whetu story pattern, individual stars come together to form a larger constellation. This speaks to our holistic whānau ora philosophy and also our kotahitanga – that we are many but come together as one.
TŪ Mai
Standing on Your Own
Our Titoki pattern is about resilience – robust wood, lashed together to create an even more resilient whole. The enrolled patients at Tui Ora Hauora a-Whānau embody the idea of whānau who are priori sting their holistic hauora. The yellow is very fond nod to our OG brand.
Mana ora
Living a powerful life
The Patiki story pattern celebrates the aspirational future we see for all Taranaki whānau. The colours recall native foliage, and the duality we always find in Wairuatanga. This represents the abundant future we see for all Taranaki whānau.

2023/24 Annual Plan

2023 Annual Report

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