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Mindful Movement

These short videos are designed to get you moving in a low impact way without having to visit a gym or pound the pavement. They are easily fitted into your everyday life so you can strengthen those muscles, stretch your body, and boost your health and wellbeing all from the comfort of your whāre. Why not get the rest of the whānau involved?!

Five-minute workouts

These mini workouts can be as hard or as easy as you like – why not start out slow then dial it up as your body gets stronger? No fancy gym gear or equipment needed – just you boosting your hauora!

Single Exercises

These videos show you how to do a single exercise and are a great place to start your Mindful Movement journey!

How we help

It’s not just what we do, but how we do it. Find out what you can expect from Tui Ora and learn more about our mana-affirming, holistic approach to whānau hauora.

“Tui Ora has reminded me what I had to offer to the world.”
“They took the time to understand what we wanted.”
“I felt someone was listening to me for once.”
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