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Our Tikanga o Tui Ora is the set of ngā uara (values) that unite and guide us. It serves as a blueprint for how we come together and work with each other, whānau, partners and the wider community. It is the promise we make to each other and to our whānau: That we are going to look ahead and plan so that we can respectfully and culturally appropriately deliver top quality health services to all Taranaki whānau — now and into a prosperous future.

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Quite literally this breaks down to mana aki tanga which means to encourage or urge mana upon someone else. To look after other people – rather than just ourselves. At Tui Ora we take it as being about how we relate to every member of every whānau that comes to us. And also, how we relate to each other as kaimahi. Looking after people by providing maanaki, as we would on the marae or in other traditional spaces, is a an important difference that people experience at Tui Ora.


Every person has a taha wairua or a spiritual side. It doesn’t need to have anything to do with prayers, karakia or religion. It’s a personal concept that is about bringing meaning and purpose to what we do. Wairuatanga is deeply elemental and holistic, influencing our mind, body, spirit and whānau. By nourishing taha wairua we strengthen and enhance our hauora. At Tui Ora our wairuatanga  guides how we connect to the environment and how we express our taha wairua.

Tino Rangatiratanga

This is all about how we lead and how we participate. True leadership involves gathering a strong team together and giving everyone their opportunity to contribute. It’s about having the mana to determine things for ourselves. It is also about making sure we respect the mana of Tui Ora whānau, rangatiratanga and decision making. It is about remembering that our “for Māori” “by Māori” approach must also be “with Māori”.


This is a concept that can be misinterpreted as meaning we all have to think the same. Actually, kotahitanga is about how we stand together. The strength that comes from our being united in purpose. It’s about accepting that we all have different opinions and experiences but that we can still focus on the same kaupapa. That might involve long, passionate hui before we all get on the same page – and that’s okay. When we have a common destination – a future where all whānau have equitable, holistic hauora – we can all paddle our waka along different routes based on our individual strengths but still arrive together.


2023/24 Annual Plan

2023 Annual Report

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