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Mental Wellbeing Kaiārahi Service

Who can use this service?

Taranaki whānau experiencing mild to moderate social distress – including things like low mood, anger, anxiety and stress.

What you can expect

Our kaiārahi and multidisciplinary teams awhi whānau with support, services and programmes including:

  • Exploring how lifestyle changes can improve mental wellness
  • Connecting with hauora professionals and resources inside and outside Tui Ora (we can help you make appointments, navigate organisations and even come along as support)
  • Developing and nurturing new and existing connections and supports
  • Continuing to develop resilience and skills

This is a free service

for whānau living in Taranaki.

Places you can access this service

All our Tui Ora locations– Ngāmotu, Waitara, Hāwera and Ōpunakē

To find out more or connect to this service

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