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Activity-based recovery day programme

Who can use this service?

Taranaki whānau enrolled in mental health services.

What you can expect

A co-ordinated weekly day programme offering goal- and strength-based group sessions and activities. Our day programme is an opportunity for tangata whaiora (people seeking health) to engage with each other and the community, and to nurture connections and interests that support and uplift their wellbeing.

To access this service/programme you need to be enrolled with an eligible mental health service provider — like Tui Ora. Call 0800 TUI ORA / 0800 884672 or drop in to Te Whaitua Whānau and we can help you with this first step.

This is a free service

This service is free to eligible whānau living in this part of Taranaki.

Places you can access this service

Tui Ora, 36 Maratahu Street, Ngāmotu.

To find out more or connect to this service

Alongside self-referrals, referrals can be made by GP, hospital or community service.

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