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Māmā, matua and pēpē / Early Years support

Who can use this service?

Hapu māmā, expecting parents and parents with tamariki aged 5 and under.

Why use this service?

Expecting and new parents have an increased risk of developing common mental health conditions including depression and anxiety (as well as less common conditions like bipolar disorder or puerperal psychosis).

Most brain development happens in the early years and is impacted by what the child experiences.

What you can expect

Our supportive kaiārahi will kōrero with you and awhi you with the support your whānau needs to thrive during the super-important first 5 years of life.

You don’t need to be in distress to access this service — many māmā and mātua engage with this service as a way of setting their whānau up for success.

Our team can help you set up healthy habits and develop strategies and skills to stay mentally well. We can advocate on your behalf and help you sort things that are causing stress or distress for you and your whānau.

This is a free service

for Taranaki whānau with tamariki.

You can access this service

at all our locations; Ngāmotu, Waitara, Hāwera and Ōpunakē.

To find out more or connect to this service

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