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Pāhake Whaiora / Older Persons Wellbeing

Who can use this service?

older people, kuia and kaumātua 55 years and older, who are experiencing:

  • Early-stage dementia
  • Reduced mental wellness
  • Addictions

What you can expect

Our team awhi pāhake and their whānau with support including;

  • Having a kōrero to understand your circumstances
  • Exploring pathways and opportunities and keeping whānau informed about options
  • Connecting pāhake to hauora services
  • Supporting pāhake to arrange and attend care appointments
  • Providing opportunities for pāhake to make and maintain connections with their community, support-people and whānau.
  • Cultural support from kaumātua/kuia

This is a free service

for Taranaki whānau.

Places you can access this service

At our Ngāmotu and Hāwera locations.

To find out more or connect to this service

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