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Problem gambling support

Who can use this service?

Anyone concerned about their own — or someone else’s — gambling.

Why use this service?

While many people gamble safely, a significant number of people, whānau and communities are negatively impacted by their own or someone else’s gambling. Individuals hide it from their families. Communities don’t often talk about it, and loved ones often find it hard to deal with. Tui Ora can connect you with support.

What you can expect

We support Taranaki* whānau and communities to take action to reduce gambling harm. Our support includes:

  • Arranging self-exclusion orders (read more about what they are and how they work here).
  • Running public events and workshops to raise awareness about and encourage the reduction of gambling-related harm.

This is a free service

for Taranaki whānau.

Places you can access this service

At our Ngāmotu and Hāwera locations.

To find out more or connect to this service

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