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Stop Smoking (or vaping)

Who can use this service?

Anyone wanting to stop smoking or vaping.

What you can expect

This is a flexible quit programme where you can work one-on-one with a Quit Coach, go on the journey with friends and whānau, or join a group of other motivated quitters! We can help by:

  • Hooking you up with quit aids (free patches, lozenges, gum and motivation tools).
  • Peer support from those with lived experience of overcoming addiction.
  • Teaching you strategies that have helped other people quit.
  • Keeping you focused on the short, long and whānau-wide benefits of quitting.

This is a free service

for Taranaki whānau.

Places you can access this service

At all our locations Ngāmotu, Waitara, Hāwera and Ōpunakē .

To find out more or connect to this service

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